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2 Roger De Vlaeminck vs. 5 Rik Van Looy

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Roger De Vlaeminck

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

The other "Mr Paris-Roubaix" owns four titles in the Hell of the North, as well as one Tour of Flanders -- in 1977, shortly after taking second in MSR. He has nine podium finishes in Roubaix. Also won two Omloops, an E3 and a Scheldeprijs. In 69 classics (cobbles and otherwise), he finished in the top five 32 times.

Tournament Mojo

Notches named Impanis, Rebry and now Museeuw in his belt. A suitably imperious performance thus far.

Rik Van Looy (Rik II)

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

Rik II was the first rider to win the Cobbles Trilogy, Flanders-GW-Roubaix, in 1962. Won a total of two Rondes, three Roubaixs, three Gent-Wevelgems, two Scheldeprijs's and four E3 Prijs editions. A total of 19 podiums (including wins) in these races.

Tournament Mojo

Nobody's palmares are more glittering in this competition than the Emperor of the Herentals, with Cyrille Van Hauwaert, Rik Van Steenbergen and Eddy Merckx all sent packing. Collectively, those guys didn't lose much.