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CONFIRMED: Danilo Di Luca is a moron

Long time doper Danilo Di Luca has tested positive for EPO ......... again.

Fotoreporter Sirotti

After the first blow of the day with the cancellation of stage 19 Danilo Di Luca gives the Giro d'Italia a second swift blow to the genitals by returning a positive for EPO in a test on the 29th of April, the week before the Giro. The 37 year old managed to sign last minute with the Vini Fantini squad due to his personal sponsors Aqua & Sapone so that he could once more ride the Giro. He has enlivened the race with plenty of attacking but has just missed out on winning a stage, something which the race-organizers now obviously are quite pleased with.

Not much to add in this case. This comes as a surprise to no one and one can only hope this opens the eyes to teams and races to the cost of taking back these so called heroes even if they think it's worth gambling on the short term profits. There will quite clearly bea wave of outrage against the veteran Abruzzian who has such a checkered past but in my view any shame and outrage in this case should be aimed at the team, sponsors, races (and fans for that matter) who gamble with the future well being of the sport by keeping the types like Di Luca around instead of building around younger riders that at least start with a clean slate. They made their bed and now they will be paying the price.