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Giro d'Italia Stage 7 Preview: Sh*tstorm a-brewin'?

OK, what do you think will happen tomorrow? Consider the following:


And then there's the next day:


And then there's the current GC, where some 128 riders are more than 20 minutes down. So, who gets in a massive breakaway and wins the stage by more than ten minutes on the maglia rosa? Here are a few guesses:

  • Daniel Oss: perfect rider for this terrain, and will win the sprint out of a small break. Which is probably why they won't let him into the party.
  • Filippo Pozzato: What else does he have to do? Motivation will be there, even if the form is iffy.
  • Stefano Garzelli: Hm, might make some teams a bit nervous. Not sure why though.
  • Maarten Tjallingii: Just because he's nails.
Plus a zillion guys I don't know very well. The real question for me is, does this day become interesting, like "Let's give Oscar Pereiro 40 minutes" interesting? Or do they get a harmless enough group up the road so nobody cares? I'd love to see some teams play a card or two.