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Welcome To Nationals Week!

This weekend is as exciting as it gets, as results pour in constantly from all over Europe... and elsewhere.

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Bryn Lennon

Time for some pretty jerseys to get handed out. For a comprehensive scoreboard, look no further than SuperTed's FSA DS Men's Big Board, and the Women's Big Board, where you can see what's come in already. Missing are Australia and New Zealand, since they take place outside the time in which the FSA DS can track scores. And no, I am not interested in having that conversation again. A few others are in the books, like the USA RR and South Africa's two events. Some others happen later in summer (Belgian ITT comes to mind). The rest? Coming this week.

What the Big Boards don't have is much detail about the respective races. So let's start the process of running thru what we can find. And as always, feel free to add more details, which we will bump from the comments to this post.

British Champs

Covered by Cauterets already.


The Road Race by contrast is held on a tight city centre criterium course in Glasgow on Sunday 23rd June. 37 corners in a 14.2km circuit mean this is definitely not one for Albertina to triumph on!

The Elite women will race 8 laps while the Elite Men will race 13 laps. Total height gain per lap is around 100m and although there are a couple of little steep digs, significantly the final 2km is pan flat. The race is very much being seen as a rehearsal for the Commonwealth Games Road Race in 2014 which will be held on a very similar course next year.


Road races this Sunday, June 23

Belgian Champs

Briefly covered by Broerie last week. The race takes place in La Roche-en-Ardennes, in Wallonia.


What can I tell you that you can't figure out by watching this?

BK / CB - La Roche Parcours from on Vimeo.

Not very sprinter-friendly. I guess it's teed up for Gilbert, though he won't have as much help as Gilbert.


Men and women race on the road Sunday. I believe the time trials are later in the summer.


Dames and Herren

Championnats de France

They're in Lannilis, in Brittany.


I can't find detailed course info, but it's Brittany, so you can expect some tricky stuff.


CLM (time trial) is Wednesday for all disciplines. Elite women race on the road Saturday, men are Sunday.




Confusion reigns. But hey, they don't start for a few more days.


The road race websites don't seem to exist yet, but the ITT site is up. As of a few minutes ago. That race takes place in Winsum, way up north near Groningen, where climbing is not an option but suffering in a crosswind definitely is.

[Update] From the comments... the road races are in Kerkrade, opposite corner of the country, and home to some very lovely/nasty hellingen. Map and profile:



Mont Chevre is a 17% beast. Yay!


CLM (time trial) is Thursday for all disciplines. Elite women race on the road Saturday, men are Sunday.


The KNWU site has a clickable startlist here. Somehow Marianne Vos has the #4 dossard.


OK, I think I have this down. The races are in Trentino, up north, between Male and Fondo.


Here's your map. If you click on it, it becomes magically legible:


This being Italy, here's the profile, complete with jagged edges:



This is where I get confused. You would assume the road race is Sunday and the ITT is earlier, but you'd be wrong. it appears that the RR is Saturday and the ITT Sunday.


Not seeing anything, but assume it's everyone who matters. Men and women.


Races take place in Bembibre, near Ponferrada, northern Castilla y Leon. You can read their entire guidebook online!


Take a wild guess...


Looks like a good course for a guy who can go downhill, provided he hasn't already been dropped. Plenty more grafix here using the links in the right sidebar.


Thursday: Kids and Women's ITT; Friday: Elite Men's ITT; Saturday: Kids RR; Sunday: Elite women and men RRs.


Not sure yet.




Official web site :

Wednesday: Time Trial

Sat & Sun: Road Race