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National Championships: Open Thread

Road race championships everywhere today, some of them with live video. Here's a place to discuss them all.

Quinn Rooney

Some races more highly anticipated than others. The three big ones, all on very promising courses, are Belgium, France and Netherlands. The belgians are racing on an Ardennes course previewed here and it should be a cracker with names like Gilbert, Boonen and this year's revelation Gianni Meersman all targeting it.

France is taking the riders on a crazy course in the same area as the Tro Bro Leon (video preview here, gorgeous area) and it could be an absolute classic race if it lives up to the hype. The racing at French nats is always hectic as well.

And there's lots more..... Try and use a tag on comments to indicate what race you're talking about and should anyone feel like firing up a fanpost for a specific race, feel free to do so.