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Follow the Thüringen Rundfahrt live-ish!

July is stacked full of great women's races - the Giro Rosa started the month with a bang, in the USA it's the Cascade Classic and now in East Germany it's one of the peloton's favourite races - Thüringen Rundfahrt. And we can follow it live-ish!

The race is seven stages long, in Thüringen in East Germany. It's a really fantastic race - and one of the reasons is that the head of the organising committee, Vera Hohlfeld, is a former pro cyclist, so she knows what teams really need. It's fantastic for spectators too, with each each starting and finishing in the same town, and where possible, passing through the town at mid-points - and they have DJs and competitions, and stalls and all kinds of things, so there's plenty to keep spectators around. The riding is hard - it's hilly, tough stages, and often awful weather, and there are always good photos of the podium riders getting their strong German beer instead of bubbly wine.... I love this race, and if you want to know what it's like to visit, read my stories from when I went with Stef Wyman's team Horizon, aka Matrix Fitness Racing Academy, in 2011.

There are proper race previews on Les Déesses de la Route, on Velofocus and on the ORICA-AIS website, and there will be daily race reports, with photos, on If you want to follow the race as it happens, there's a live ticker in two languages on the website - and that website is excellent. As always, you can follow the race through my twitter list.

Emma Johansson (ORICA) won the first stage, and Carmen Small (Specialized) the second - Stage 1 reports on ORICA and Womenscycling, and Stage 2 reports on ORICA and womenscycling.

Come back to the comments for any video and results - and of course, anything you see, add them in too.