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Cascade Stage 2: Powers wins TT, McGrath defends the yellow jersey

Following a disappointing first stage, Powers wins stage 2 while McGrath defends her yellow jersey

Following a disappointing first stage, Powers set out to win the Crooked River Time Trial today, hoping to make up some time.

Sure enough, the time trial favorite did what she set out to do, winning the race by nine seconds.

"I'm pleased with how I rode," said Powers. "After last year's TT, I remembered what I could have done better and really tried to apply it. It worked and I'm happy."

McGrath(Exergy) , Powers (NOW and Novartis) and Thornquist (DNA p/b Plan 7) celebrate on the podium

With a second place in the time trial, Kristin McGrath (Exergy) defended her yellow jersey and leads the GC with 2’20” over Claudia Häusler (TIBCO). Mara Abbott, who finished 14th in today’s TT, stays in third place of the GC - 2’48” down from McGrath.

Amy Thorquist guest riding for DNA p/b Plan 7

Amy Thornquist, quest riding for DNA Cycling p/b Plan7 rounded out the podium. Thornquist comes from a triathon background. Brought on for her time trialing skill, she was extremely happy with her result, which placed the DNA p/b Plan 7 team in 4th place overall.

Optum’s Brianna Walle came in just two seconds shy of the podium, in fourth place.

“Our goal was to collectively ride tempo to make the time cut and save matches for the Cascade Lakes [road race],” Walle said. “I chatted over with Rachel and we agreed I should ride the TT hard with the aim of a stage win. So close with two seconds behind Amy. It's a hard position because I analyze what I could have done better and more efficiently. I can sit and review all day but instead, I will carry the fire onto the next stage- our goal for tomorrow is a stage win.

Jasmin Gleasser (TIBCO) retained the Best Young Rider jersey

Young rider GC leader Jasmin Glaesser (TIBCO) gave an impressive performance today, coming in sixth in the TT. She extends her lead to a comfortable 14’47” on the next young rider, Gabrielle Fortin of Team Kenda p/b RACC.

Vanderkitten's lead, Jessica Cutler, came in seventh today, a feat that exceeded her expectation and put her in ninth place in the GC.

"On the way back in I saw Powers passing another rider and she looked fantastic. I was almost certain she would take the stage and it was nice to see her get the win," Cutler said.

Exergy takes the team GC lead from TIBCO by 21”. Abbott will again be in the green jersey tomorrow and Häusler in the polka dot jersey.

Mara Abbott in the green point leader jersey

Häusler rode the Crooked River in climbers spots

Tomorrow’s stage is a 70-mile loop around the Mt Bachelor Ski Resort with an intermediate sprint at 58 miles and an uphill KOM finish.

"[Cascade Lakes] got a lot less climbing than stage 1 and is typically really fast. I think it's going to be particularly aggressive tomorrow with both NOW and Optum in the hunt for a stage win," said Cutler. "What we plan to do remains to be seen. 9th on GC is great but not necessarily a position that is worth protecting and I'm excited for another fast and fun day of racing in Bend."

Denise Ramsden (Optum)

Alison Tetrick (Exergy)

Emily Kachorek (Vanderkitten)