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Amanda Miller wins the stage; McGrath wins her first NRC GC

The Cascade Cycling Classic came to an end with a hot circuit race. After having defended the yellow jersey for days, McGrath earns her first NRC overall win.

Christopher See

Kristin McGrath (Exergy 2016) Hoists the Nicole Reinhardt trophy.

The final stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic was hot and aggressive on Sunday, July 21.

The Awbrey Butte Circuit Race had the women race three laps around the 17-mile loop with enough climbing to allow for several attacks.

Team TIBCO, Optum and NOW raced aggressively, attacking the pack in hopes of forming a breakaway and putting some time between them and GC leader Kristin McGrath (Exergy).

Claudia Häusler (TIBCO) came into the stage sitting in second place -- 2:20 behind McGrath -- and attacked on the climbs.

But Exergy rode defensively and was able reel the attacks back in.

A successful break finally formed in the last lap with Amanda Miller (TIBCO), Jade Wilcoxson (Optum), Lauren Komanski (NOW) and Julie Emmerman (Rally Sport Cycling team).

Amanda Miller (TIBCO) Launches her first attack on lower Archie Briggs Road

On the last climb, Miller tried to ride away from her breakaway companions twice and the second attack was enough for her to gain a few seconds and come across the line solo. Wilcoxson followed just four seconds later and Komanski two seconds after that.

McGrath was able to effectively defend her yellow jersey, which she'd worn since Stage 1, making this her first NRC overall win.

Häusler claimed the polka dot jersey and Leah Kirchmann (Optum) held onto the green sprint jersey. TIBCO's Jasmine Glaesser has an impressive performance and was the definite winner of the white, best young rider jersey, and TIBCO also won the team GC.


Rumor has it that the Cascade Cycling Classic may become a UCI race next year, and we'll be keeping you up to date on that news.