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Tour of Poland Stage 1 LIVE

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Rovereto - Madonna di Campiglio 184.5 km

Now many may be confused by the Italian sounding Madonna di Campiglio name on the course, "surely you meant to write Madzersledzonja d' Kamprszligzl? " is what you're asking. But no, it's true, we are in Italy for two massive mountainstages to start the Tour of Poland. Because they're different. Also different is the quirky sets of rules the race is trying out together with the UCI to experiment in ways to make the racing more exciting.

Zilly Zywiec Pick: Ingemar Stenmark Sergio Henao

Sorry, I saw Madonna di Campiglio and I just assumed. But seriously Henao is going to take this right? Because Sky just has to go and win everything don't they? Is there no limit to their evil?

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