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Cancellara Will Try the Hour Record!!

Tells Swiss TV he's thinking about this September or next spring after Paris-Roubaix

Doug Pensinger

Remember this idle chatter? Not so idle any more. Cancellara is taking aim at Ondrej Sosenka's current record of 49.7km, and will do this at a new velodrome in Grenchen, Switzerland. No word on whether this would be televised, but I can't think of anything more fun than watching an Hour Record attempt.

For the record, Sosenka's mark stands, though he was later busted for amphetamines and anyway he set the record in 2005, when the sport was awash in PEDs. The previous record (apart from the many expunged marks using modified bikes) would be Eddy Merckx's mark of 49.43km. Regardless, Cance is going for 50k. Would be even more memorable if he can do so in the rainbow jersey.