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Tour de France Stage 9 LIVE Second thread

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Saint Girons - Bagnéres de Bigorre 168.5 km

The classic multi-climb Pyrénées stage. For added interest the Tour has avoided the (too) often used standard climbs in favor of less used terrain. It's short but hard. Today could go either way, either a relatively comfortable day were a breakaway is allowed to contest the day or pure hell if GC contenders decide to make this a battle-ground.

Zombie Rodolfo Muller Pick: Lars-Petter Nordhaug

It's the Tour, a Norwegian has to win a stage at some point. The Norwegian Climbing Sensation has forewarned that he will try an attack today so this might be their best shot.

EDIT: HOLY BATSHIT-CRAZY MAYHEM BATMAN. Ignore most of the above, this stage is craaaaazy

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