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Vårgårda TTT World Cup - LIVE-ISH!

It's Round 6 of the Road World Cup, the Open de Suède Vårgårda - so let's chat through the race! Join us in the comments for conversation and anything interesting we find as the race unfolds.

Vårgårda Team Time Trial course
Vårgårda Team Time Trial course

I've got information on the race in this post, and you can follow the race on twitter with my twitter list.  Can anyone stop Specialized-lululemon?  Let's find out!

Follow the race on twitter with my live race updates list

Friday 16th August 2013, 43.5km.

If you understand Swedish, or just like the way it sounds, listen to the race on Vårgå's audiostream - and Vårgå are also putting up photos onto their site live - click the gallery on the front page and choose the gallery that looks right!

Course preview via Rabobank-Liv/Giant

Rabo Liv/Giant verkent TTT in Zweden (via RaboSportTV)