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Lotto-Belisol Belgium Tour and the Trophée d'Or

This weekend there are two short stage races - talk about them in the comments!

The Lotto Belisol Belgium Tour, runs 23rd-25th August - and it's the last race in the Lotto Cycling Cup.

Previews on Velofocus and Les Déesses de la Route - and follow them on their twitter.  All info on their website.

Lotto Belisol Belgium Tour (via demonneman)


The Trophée d’Or, is 24th-28th August, in France.  There's a preview on Les Déesses and one to follow on Velofocus – and as with all French races, a whole load of information will be on Le Blog de Gwéna, and VeloNova - follow their twitters, @gwena_cyclisfem and @VeloNova.


Have a lovely long weekend!  I'll see you on the other side, so put anything good you see in the comments!