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GP de Plouay-Bretagne LIVE

Plouay 135 km (5 laps of the 27 km circuit)

Time for the finale of the women's World Cup and probably the best and most balanced course around for a women's one-day race. Opportunities for everyone, climbers, rouleurs they all have the chance to win on this course if they play their cards right. Hopefully the race will be viewable at 15:20 CEST via France3 Bretagne somehow (please for the love of God don't ask me how because if the info is available the damn french don't want you to know.). Anyone more intelligent than me who finds the actual link, please post it in the comments.
The problem might be if Eurosport hold the rights like they did last year (bought the rights in a package with the men's race but only transmitted the men's race). In that case there might be georestrictions on any French feeds once again. Lets pray that is not the case.

Vos Rider most likely to win: Marianne

No other rider named Vos can even come close to Marianne. She has this win all but sewn up. I suppose some rider with another name than Vos might vin but it's not likely. And if/when a Vos wins it's almost certainly Marianne.

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