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Vuelta Stage 20 Preview: Assassins!

By Sierra del Aramo (Vista de Viapará desde la subida al Angliru) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Stage 20: Avila - Alto de l'Angliru, 142km

The Majesty. The Madness.

Stage Rating:

Unclimbable mountains.

Jerseys in Play:

Vuelta_red_mediumVuelta_green_mediumVuelta_kom_medium Vuelta_white_medium

This graphical display got obsolete in a hurry.


Mapa de la etapa:


And the profile:


I could insult you by opening with the other available profile, the Alto del Cordal, but I won't.


Seriously, I love going up the roads The Pros use, but you couldn't pay me enough to attempt the Angliru. Just not a good look for me.


Here's how I described it in the Viewers' Guide:

Can a road be evil? I say yes.

I also guaranteed that the Angliru would decide the race. Swish!

Vueltabecco Verdict:



What, not even a comment about the headline?


Vueltabecco? Vueltabecco?!?


Oh no...