More racing: GP de Wallonie and Impanis - Van Petegem

Two races this week in Belgium and streams shoud be available for both. Here's a quick preview.

Wednesday: GP de Wallonie


This is the poor man's Flèche Walonne. No need to sit the entire afternoon in front of the tv. Just watch the final 30 minutes and you'll see some great action on one of Belgium's best finishing climbs.

Why does this race matter?

This is a big test for the Belgian guys who are targeting Firenze: Gilbert, Van Avermaet and Leukemans (these three are always good in this race too). Other interesting names: Simon (last years winner), Dumoulin and Benatti.

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Saturday: GP Impanis - Van Petegem


Just another sprinters race.

I wrote a preview last year. Most of that is still true, though they've thrown in some more hills this time (mainly in the first half).


I doubt that last hill (the Sigarenberg) is going to change the outcome of this race. Here's what the last 3 km look like.


That's right: a downhill sprint!

Why does this race matter?

They start in Brakel. Nuff said.

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