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Nash: "I did not announce retirement"

Nash shifts focus to racing domestically.

Nash will take a break from World Cup racing and focus on racing domestically
Nash will take a break from World Cup racing and focus on racing domestically
Anne-Marije Rook

The cyclocross world was buzzing this morning after Cyclocross Magazine ran an article titled "Katerina Nash Announces Plans to Retire from Professional Racing".

Quoting a poorly translated Czech article, Cyclocross Magazine stated that "Luna’s Katerina Nash has announced plans to retire from cycling".

This came as a bit of a downer for cross fans. Nash has been a strong contender in the World Cup races, finished fourth at the World Championship in Louisville last year and, just last week, showed off her good form with a win at CrossVegas.

We got in contact with Nash and she was quick to negate these rumors, blaming the poor translation for the misunderstanding.

"I did not announce retirement, " Nash said in a phone interview. "What that article was about, basically, is that I will not compete in a full mountain bike season next year. I will not be racing the world cup races and instead race more domestically."

Her cyclocross season, too, will be more domestic.

"My cyclocross season is changing in that I'm not going for Worlds. I feel like there is good competition domestically," Nash said, adding that she'll be representing Luna at upcoming races such as Providence Cyclo-cross Festival, Ohio Cross and Spooky Cross.

So why the change?

"I have done a full schedule the past two years and I'm tired. I do want to keep racing all the time, just without spending so much time on planes," she said.