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Worlds: Junior Women & U23 Men Road races LIVE

Weekend is here and with it the main events, the roadraces. Starting with the junior women and the U23 men. We also have a special event today : the Middleaged Men's Mudwrestling, also know as the UCI presidential election.


Junior women start at 8:30 CEST and will race 82.85 km which equals 5 laps of the hard course in Florence that all the races will finish on. STARTLIST


The U23 men will start at 13:00 in Montecatini Terme for a 57 km ride in to Florence before they do seven laps of the circuit for a total race length of 173.2 km. For the best preview go to Vlaanderen90's Espoir Central that will tell you all you need to know. STARTLIST

Middle aged Men's mudwrestling. The event will start at 09:00 in a conference hall in Forence's Palazzo Vecchio. The contenders will complete 0 laps of the grueling racecourse but we understand that light snacks and beverages will be served. There may or may not be an actual result by the end of the the day.