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Good Riddance

Harold Cunningham

In case you missed the news, Brian Cookson was elected UCI president today by a 24-18 margin, after somehow Pat McQuaid weaseled himself into the election in the first place, despite having his credentials rejected by the two nations where he lives. But the details don't matter; by next week only the outcome will be remembered.

Is it time for one last Phat Pat's Greatest Hits? Just to put the day in its proper perspective?


Cycling is pretty healthy right now. And I hear 1941 was a good year for Chianti. Not all related items are actually caused by one another.


- Skirted the anti-apartheid boycott by racing in South Africa under an assumed name. Got caught and was banned from 1976 Olympics.

- Got ushered into the UCI presidency by Hein Verbruggen, that paragon of virtue.

- Took on the organizers of the grand tours, particularly Amaury Sports Organization, during the creation of the Pro Tour, over the issue of granting Pro Tour teams automatic invitations. Got his clock cleaned.

- Took on Dick Pound of the WADA, because it was time to stand up to the doping controllers.

- Ushered Lance Armstrong out the door after his confession, a few months before reports emerged of his efforts in helping conceal Armstrong's past positive tests.

- Sued journalist and ex-cyclist Paul Kimmage for being right about everything.

This is the short list. Feel free to add to it, or not.

Also, over at Twitter I proposed a contest: come up with the perfect song for his exit. My nomination is Elvis Costello's Tramp the Dirt Down. Alternate suggestions welcomed.