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United Healthcare announces killer women's team for 2014

United Healthcare had previously this summer signaled their intention to add a women's team for 2014. Today they announced their roster as well and what a team this is shaping up to be. This will be a seriously competitive team internationally already from day one.

Headlining the line-up is reigning champion (and two time winner) of the Giro Rosa (Giro d'Italia Femminile) Mara Abbott and US timetrialing and criterium dominant Alison Powers.

Joining them are some of the biggest US talents, Ruth Winder, Coryn Rivera and Alexis Ryan. All three of them have already won multiple junior and U23 titles and also had notable results in Europe even at their young age. To guide them the team will also feature veteran, solid performer Lauren Tamayo to make the the squad a well rounded and complete unit.

The outright stated goal is to support Mara Abbott to a third Giro win but with Powers and Tamayo the team should be able to factor in most types of races while allowing the relatively fragile and quirky Abbott the freedom to work without pressure towards her own major objectives. More riders will be announced later in the fall but these are the riders already confirmed:

  • Mara Abbott
  • Lauren Tamayo
  • Alison Powers
  • Coryn Rivera
  • Ruth Winder
  • Alexis Ryan
  • Rushlee Buchanan