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Happy New Year! GP Sven Nys live!

A somewhat belated Happy New Year to you all!

It's the GP Sven Nys, the latest round of the bpost bank trofee - and yeah, Sven DEFINITELY wants to win here - and everyone else definitely wants to stop him!  It's live - look to the comments for more information.

GS's decription:

It probably annoys Roger De Vlaeminck to no end, that Sven Nys has a race named after him and Roger doesn't. At the start of every year, Roger is reminded of this fact, as a Belgian new calendar always kicks off with the GP Sven Nys in his hometown Baal. It is, trust me on this, the best way to start the new year. A hangover, grandma's danishes and 'cross on tv.

As for the race itself - it's, no surprise, one that De Kannibaal van Baal is quite good at: bunnyhop beams, technical descents and tricky corners.

All the usual info on the race website - and on the bpost bank trofee page