Blackburn Asks: How Adventurous Are You?

Blackburn Vignette 5 from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Blackburn Design, makers of a variety of products from lights to panniers, has an invitation out to all adventure cyclists: become a Blackburn Ranger, and travel around the US West! The Skinny:

Are you a cyclist with an adventurous soul? Someone who likes to capture your stories along the road? Maybe you’re a seasoned bikepacker, well-versed in traversing back roads and trails. Maybe you’re just getting into adventure cycling – testing out overnight trips and yearning for more. Definitely you’re somebody who passionately believes in the idea that viewing the world can be better by bike.

At Blackburn we design product for those who embody this spirit of adventure, and in support of this community we’re recruiting 4 new brand ambassadors for 2014. Nicknamed "Rangers", our ambassadors provide the ultimate test of our products and bring them into real world situations as they tackle journeys along the Pacific Coast and Great Divide routes. Blackburn Rangers work directly with our designers and engineers to deliver invaluable product feedback as well as advocate for bicycling touring, share their journeys and adventures along the routes and encourage everyone to get "Out There."

If you’re interested in traveling the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route or the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and sharing your stories along the way--as well as testing out our latest and greatest gear--you just might be the perfect candidate to be a Blackburn Ranger.

Sounds pretty cool! What do you have to do? Basically, it consists of being a brand ambassador. Per the link above, you need to submit an essay, some pics and maybe a YouTube clip demonstrating that you're the type of long-range explorer who might have one hell of a time spending the summer riding the Pacific Coast or Great Divide trails. There's some training and some media work expected -- it's partly about getting their name out there -- and in exchange there's some free gear, a stipend, and an inroad into this corner of the ever-expanding, ever-fascinating bike industry. Also, you will get to meet Gavia at Interbike! Well, if she's there, and if you happen to run into her and introduce yourself. No promises, really.

Seriously, if you're looking to get way off the grid this summer, check into this as a way to make it happen. Go here. And tell em I sent ya.