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Kit Review: Garmin-Sharp... and a Cute Little Panda

Oh, baby-blue argyle, I wish I could quit you. But... vertical striping... I am powerless to resist.


Wait, what's that? A cute little panda?


Awww! Because what has a greater Awww! factor than an endangered, snarling Chinese quasi-bear? Nothing, that's what. And that Awww! factor has kept the World Wildlife Federation World Wide Fund for Nature in business long enough to claim ownership of WWF from the evil wrestling folks.

But while all this is cute and cuddly, including Garmin-Sharp's promotion of its partnership with WWF (who aren't presently suing my employer right now, I don't think), if Garmin-Sharp were excited enough about this partnership to put the panda on the kit and issue a press release to that effect, could they have made the guy larger than a nickel?

Also, no word on bottoms. As we know, choice of bottoms colors can make (Euskaltel) or break (Argos-Shimano) a kit. Garmin-Sharp have a pretty long history of keeping the bottoms black, so for now let's just pair this jersey in our minds with black shorts. Crisis averted. But I have inquired, and if I find out I'll let you know.

So that's an eight for the top, minus 1 for the tiny panda, and minus one more until we get confirmation of the shorts (which if black then add two back). A solid six with potential for eight.