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Ronse cx... LIVE

It rained the past few days but it's dry and sunny now, and Stybar first raced his cx bike yesterday. Should be great!

Balint Hamvas

12 October - Ronse (bpost)

Ronse is a really fun race, around the Hotondberg, the highest point of the Flemish Ardennes. Geographically that means nothing, but for the record if you climb the mill (built in 1672) you can see 108 different villages from the top. And if you race cyclocross bikes on Hotondberg you get an hour of really good tv. Especially if it rains. Then it's really good tv. With sliding and crashing and everything (the top photo, that's Ronse in the rain). Also: Zdenek Stybar will be at the start of this one. Rainbow jersey represent!


Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Live on Sporza, starting at 15 CET.