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World Cup is back: hello Cauberg!

The World Cup begins outside of Belgium, if only just. The weather is downright sunny, with temperatures easily going over 20°C, which is very hot for this of year. Sven Nys melts in the sun.

Balint Hamvas

19 October - Valkenburg (WC)

Cause if your country is named the Nether-lands, you better race that one hill you've got twice a year. The Valkenburg world cup leg takes place on the Cauberg, and is very fun. The organisers call it a 'Swiss' race, but seeing those 7524 turns I'd say it's pretty damn Dutch. Lots of steep uphill climbs and swooping flights back down. Plus, motivated kid Dutchies on home soil.

You can see the gazillion turns on this map here:

The race starts at 15h CET.