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Matthias Brändle Next Up for Hour Record.... and it's on!

Bryn Lennon

Just when you think the season is finally, finally over... well. it isn't. At least if you're into track. And Hour Record challenges.

It seemed like only last month that Jens Voigt set a new Hour Record by driving himself 51.115 kilometers, to the delight of his sponsors and attempt-starved Hour Record fans alike. But the record may not last too long. Matthias Brändle, the IAM Cycling rider and national TT champion of Austria, will make an attempt on Voigt's record on October 30, in Aigle, Switzerland. It's not clear what led to Brändle taking up this challenge -- he's not a trackie and hasn't exactly destroyed the Crono circuit this year, apart from his national title. But the 24-year-old did win two stages of the Tour of Britain, so his form is presumably good, and his team has told the media that they think he can do 52km, based on testing.

One thing about Hour Records is, people don't like to draw that sort of attention to themselves if they are sure to fail. Surely Brändle has a decent chance, or his team wouldn't pay for renting the World Cycling Centre Velodrome and turning TV cameras on him. If he does succeed, he will lower the reigning age by nearly two decades and set the bar however much higher for the other challenges expected to come, including Bradley Wiggins next summer and Fabian Cancellara... sometime.

Anyway, tune in a week from now. Should be another fun day.