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Women's transfers (and gossip!) 3 - what we still do and don't know

It's that interesting time of the season, when we seem to have some of the teams pretty much full, and others..... we don't know anything about! I've written about how different teams have handled transfers on my blog, and there are some teams we still know almost nothing about - Alé Cipollini, for instance, although they traditionally haven't released information into late in the game - and who knows what's happening with Astana-BePink? We're pretty much assuming that RusVelo has closed, and the Italian teams Michela Fanini and Top Girls look like they're on shaky ground, although the Michela Fanini boss still keeps saying they're going to be more competitive than ever, despite losing riders in every direction. So, that's a long way round of saying that below are all the transfers that have been confirmed, crowd-sourced by the fantastic Podium Café community. I'll be adding to it throughout the next month as we get more information, and as always, in the comments we'll have speculation, gossip and any random women's cycling news we can find - please do join in the conversation and share anything you find!

Alé Cipollini (Ita)

Staying: Elena Berlato (Ita), Malgorzata Jasinska (Pol), Marta Tagliaferro (Ita)

In: Alice Aglisi, Maria Giulia Confalonieri, Uenia Fernandes Silva (Bra)& Arianna Fidanza (from Estado de Mexico-Faren), Beatrice Bartelloni (from Wiggle Honda), Francesca Cauz (from TopGirls),  Annalisa Cucinotta & Flavia Oliveira (Bra) (from Servetto Footon); Fleur Faure (Fra); Simona Frapporti & Dalia Muccioli (from Astana-BePink), Beatrice Rossato (from juniors) - all except Faure, Fernandes & Oliveira Italian

Out: Ilaria Bonomi (to BePink), Valentina Carretta (retired mid-2014), Barbara Guarischi (to Velocio-SRAM), Tatiana Guderzo (to Hitec), Shelley Olds (to Bigla), Michela Pavin (to Servetto Footon), Ane Santesteban González (to Giusfredi)

DS: Giovanni Fidanza & Fortunato Lacquaniti


BePink (Not sponsored by Astana for 2015) - more info to follow towards the end of November

Staying: Ana Maria Covrig (Ita), Michela Maltese (Ita), Ksenia Tuhai (Blr), Silvia Valsecchi (Ita), Georgia Williams (NZl)

In: Simona Bortolotti (Ita) (from Servetto); Ilaria Bonomi (Ita) Giorgia Fraiegari (Ita), Ruby Livingstone (NZl) and Tereza Medvedova (Slo) (from juniors); Anastasia Chulkova (Rus) (from Rusvelo), Jaime Nielsen (NZl), Ilaria Sanguinetti (Ita) (she looks like she had a year out in 2014)

Out: Alice Aglisi, Simona Frapporti & Dalia Muccioli (to Alé-Cipollini), Alena Amialiusik (to Veocio-SRAM), Alice Maria Arzuffi and Änna Zita Maria Stricker (to Giusfredi), Doris Schweizer (to Bigla), Alison Tetrick (to Optum), Susanna Zorzi (to Lotto)



Staying: Lotta Lepistö (Fin), Vera Koedooder (Ned)

In: Ashleigh Moolman (RSA) (from Hitec), Sharon Laws (GBr) (from UHC), Joëlle Numainville (Can) (was with Optum til August, guest-rode for Lotto for September), Shelley Olds (USA) (from Alé-Cip), Iris Slappendel & Annemiek van Vleuten (both Dutch, both from Rabo), Doris Schweizer (Swi) (from Astana)

Out: Jo Hogan; Taryn Heather (to Aussie domestic team Bicycle Superstore), Elke Gebhardt (retiring), Sandra Weiss (to BH Cycling Team)

DS: Manel Lacambra


Bizkaia-Durango (Esp)


In: Coral Casado Ortiz, Elisabet Escursell Valero, Paula Lanz (all Spanish, all from Juniors)

Out: Veronika Anna Kormos (to Keukens Redant), Márcia Fernandes Silva (2 year ban for EPO)


Boels-Dolmans (Ned)

Staying: Lizzie Armitstead (GBr), Ellen van Dijk (Ned), Megan Guarnier (USA), Demi de Jong (Ned), Romy Kasper (Ger), Christine Majerus (Lux), Katarzyna Pawlowska (Pol)

In: Chantal Blaak (Ned) & Evelyn Stevens (USA) (Specialized-lululemon), Amalie Dideriksen (Den) (from juniors)

Out: Jessie Daams (to Lotto), Janneke Ensing (to Parkhotel Valkenburg), Nina Kessler (to Lensworld Zannata), Sanne van Paassen; Marieke van Wanroij (retiring), Nicky Zijlaard (SwaboLadies)

DS: Danny Stam


BZK ProBasic (Esp)

(New Basque UCI team for 2015 - managed by Eneritz Iturriagaetxebarria Mazaga!)

In: Olatz Agorria Etxebarría, Naia Alzola, Aiala Amesti, Mar Bonnín Palou, Nahia Domínguez, Ziortza Isasi, Gloria Rodríguez, Maria San Jose Tejerina,  Eider Unanue (all Spanish, all but Bonnín and Alzola from juniors)


Estado de Mexico-Faren



Out: Giada Borgato and Fabiana Luperini (retiring), Elena Cecchini (to Lotto) Maria Giulia Confalonieri, Uenia Fernandes Silva & Arianna Fidanza (to Alé Cipollini), Alessandra Giuseppina Grassi Herrera (to create new Mexican team Grassi Procycling), Lucy Martin (to Matrix), Dulce Pliego Moreno (returning to Mexico),  Rossella Ratto and Anna Trevisi (to Giusfredi)

(Assume all the Mexican riders are leaving Faren, after the reports of unpaid wages and bad treatment - in fact, if the team continues next year, we'll be surprised)


Grassi Pro Cycling (New Mexican team, Fabiana Luperini will be advising them)

In: Alessandra Giuseppina Grassi Herrera (Mex) (from Estado de Mexico-Faren)


Hitec Products (Nor)

Staying: Miriam Bjørnsrud, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Tone Hatteland-Lima (all 3 Norwegian),  Lauren Kitchen (Aus), Julie Leth (Den), Emilie MobergThea Thorsen (both Nor)

In: Charlotte Becker (Ger) (from Wiggle), Shana van Glabeke (Ned) (from Autoglas Wetteren), Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) (from Alé Cipollini), Vita Heine (Nor) (from Endura Lady Force), Carlee Taylor (Aus) (from ORICA), Kirsten Wild (Ned) (from Liv)

Out: Chloe Hosking, Audrey Cordon & Elisa Longo Borghini (to Wiggle); Ashleigh Mooolman-Pasio (to Bigla); Sara Olsson (to Matrix); Siri Minge (taking a year out to focus on her education)


Lensworld-Zannata (formerly Futurumshop-Zannata)

Staying: Annelies Dom, Annelies van Doorslaer, Evy Kuijpers and Sofie de Vuyst

In: Kim de BaatMarissa Otten (from Parkhotel Valkenberg), Mariël Borgerink (from NWVG), Nina Kessler (from Boels), Kaat van der Meulen (from Keukens Redant), Celine van Severen (from Lotto)

Out: Anouska Koster (to Rabobank), Mieke Kröger (to Velocio-SRAM); Mascha Pijnenborg (retiring); Grace Verbeke (she's having a baby due in January, says she won't be full-time, if she does any racing at all) and it looks like Latoya Brulee, Kirsten Coppens,  Janine van der Meer & Daniëlla Moonen


Liv-Plantur (fomerly Liv-Shimano) (Ned)

Staying: Lucy Garner (GBr), Willeke Knol (Ned), Claudia Lichtenberg (Ger), Floortje Mackaij (Ned), Sara Mustonen (Swe), Amy Pieters (Ned), Maaike Polspoel (Bel), Julia Soek (Ned), Kyara Stijns (Ned) (see comments)

In: Sabrina Stultiens (Ned) (from Rabobank)

Out: Marijn de Vries (to Parkhotel Valkenburg); Kirsten Wild (to Hitec)



Staying: Alicia González Blanco, Lucía González Blanco, Sheyla Gutiérrez, Mélodie Lesueur, Belén López, Eider Merino, Fanny Riberot, Aurore Verhoeven (All but Verhoeven & Lesueur Spanish)

In: Evelyn Jessica García Marroquín (ESa) (focusing on track in 2014), Cristina Martínez Bonafe (from juniors)

Out: Aude Biannic (to Vienne Futuroscope)



Staying: Lieselot Decroix (Bel)

In: Elena Cecchini (Ita) (from Faren), Jessie Daams (Bel) (from Boels), Carlee Taylor (Aus) (from ORICA), and Susanna Zorzi (Ita) (from Astana)

Out: Jolien D'hoore (to Wiggle), Emma Pooley (retiring from pro cycling), Celine van Severen (to Lensworld Zannata), Liesbet de Vocht (retiring)


Matrix-Vulpine (new to UCI-level for 2015)

Staying: Mel Lowther, Harriet Owen, Penny Rowson, Jessie Walker - all British

In: Lucy Martin (from Faren), Elinor Barker & Laura Trott (from Wiggle) (all British), Sara Olsson (Swe) (from Hitec), Christina Siggaard (Den) (from Crescent DARE), Molly Weaver (GBr) (from Epic Scott),

Out: Corrine Hall (can't race on a UCI team and be a paracycling tandem pilot)


Michela Fanini (Ita)

Staying: Michela Balducci, Azzurra d'Intino, Eyerusalem (Dina) Kalil (Eth),  Federica Nicolai, Edwige Pitel (Fra), Lara Vieceli (all but Kalil and Pitel Italian)

In: Francesca Balducci (Ita), Vittoria Reati

Out: Valentina Bastianelli, Liisi Rist and Tetyana Riabchenko (to Giusfredi); Vittoria Bussi (to Servetto), Mireia Epelde (retiring)


Neri Sottoli - Giusfredi (new team for 2015, set up with Edita Pučinskaitė) (Ita)

In: Alice Maria Arzuffi and Änna Zita Maria Stricker (Ita, from Astana BePink), Valentina Bastianelli (Ita), Liisi Rist (Est) and Tetyana Riabchenko (Ukr) (from Michela Fanini), Claudia Cretti (Ita) (from juniors & Valcar),  Angela Maffeis (Ita) (from Eurotarget Still Bike), Rossella Ratto and Anna Trevisi (both Ita, both from Estado de Mexico-Faren), Ane Santesteban González (Esp) (from Alé Cipollini), Daiva Tuslaite (Ltu) (from Chirio Forno d’Asolo)


Nö Radunion Vitalogic

Staying: Astrid Gassner, Astrid van Oijen, Christina Perchtold and Elisabeth Riegler

In: Christina Kollmann (didn't very race much in 2014)


Optum presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies (USA)

Staying: Annie Ewart (Can), Janel Holcomb (USA), Maura Kinsella (USA), Leah Kirchmann (Can), Brianna Walle (USA)  

In: Lex Albrecht (Can) (from Twenty16), Jasmin Glaesser (Can) (from Tibco), Ariane Horbach (Ger), Ally Stacher (USA) (from Specialized-lululemon), Alison Tetrick (USA) (from Astana BePink)

Out: Lauren Hall, Jade Wilcoxson; Courtney Lowe (to Peppers Palace), Joëlle Numainville (to Bigla), Denise Ramsden (to domestic team Trek Red Truck), Amber Pierce (to Pepper Palace),



Staying: Gracie Elvin (Aus), Katrin Garfoot (Aus), Loes Gunnewijk (Ned), Melissa Hoskins (Aus), Valentina Scandolara (Ita), Amanda Spratt, (Aus) - Emma Johansson (Swe)

In: Chloe McConville (Aussie national team), Sarah Roy (from Futuroscope), Lizzie Williams (from Vanderkitten) - all Australian

Out: Carlee Taylor (to Lotto), Nettie Edmondson (to Wiggle), Shara Gillow (to Rabo-Liv), Carlee Taylor (to Hitec), Jessie Maclean


Parkhotel Valkenburg (Ned)

Staying: Sophie de Boer, Natalie van GoghIlona HoeksmaBianca van den HoekRiejanne Markus, Jermaine Post, Pauliena Rooijakkers, Rozanne Slik (all Dutch)

In: Jip van den Bos & Chanella Stougje (from juniors), Janneke Ensing (from Boels), Marijn de Vries (from Liv-Shimano) - all Dutch

Out: Kim de Baat & Marissa Otten (to Lensworld Zannata); Aafke Eshuis, Kirsten Peetoom, Monique van de Ree, Lisanne Soemanta, Esra Tromp


Pepper Palace (applying for UCI status for 2015) (USA)

Staying: Sarah Fader, Christina Gokey-Smith, Julie Kuliecza, Meredith Miller, Amy Phillips (all USA)

In: Lindsay Bayer (from Colavita), Laura Jorgensen (from Pinnacle-Reactor), Courtney Lowe (NZl) (from Optum), Tina Pic (from Fearless Femme), Amber Pierce (from Optum) - all but Lowe USA

Find out more about the team in my interview with rider/manager Sarah Fader, and Amber Pierce


Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope (Fra)

Staying: Charlotte BravardRoxane FournierPascale Jeuland, Lucie Pader and Amélie Rivat (all French)

In: Aude Biannic (from Lointek), Eugénie Duval (from DN Normandie), Séverine Eraud (from juniors, and DN Pays-de-Loire), Greta Richioud (from juniors) - all French - and another foreign rider to be chosen after the World Championships

Out: Sarah Roy (to Orica), Sandrine Bideau (retiring), Oriane Chaumet, Fiona Dutriaux, Gabrielle Pilote, Manon Souyris and Kimberley Wells


Rabo-Liv (Ned)

Staying: Lucinda Brand (Ned), Anna van der Breggen (Ned), Pauline Ferrand-Prévot (Fra), Thalita de Jong (Ned), Anna Knauer (Ger), Roxane Knetemann (Ned), Katarzyna Niewiadoma )Pol),  Marianne Vos (Ned)

In: Shara Gillow (Aus) (from ORICA), Anouska Koster  (Ned) (from Futurumshop-Zannata), Moniek Tenniglo (Ned) (from Jan van Arckel) - and junior Jeanne Korevaar will join as a stagiare from August

Out: Iris Slappendel & Annemiek van Vleuten (to Bigla), Sabrina Stultiens (to Liv-Plantur)

DS: Koes Moerenhout





Out: Tatiana Antoshina and Elena Kuchinskaya (to Servetto), Anastasia Chulkova (to BePink)

Rumours the team is folding, but we haven't seen anything official, so it might just be rumours - and riders are implying it's folding too. Olga Zabelinskaya failed a drugs test this year, but we haven't seen any sanctions.


Servetto Footon

Staying: Veronica Cornolti (Ita) , Marina Likhanova (Rus), Anna Potokina (Rus), Sari Saarelainen (Fin)

In: Tatiana Antoshina and Elena Kuchinskaya (both Rus, both from RusVelo), Vittoria Bussi (Ita) (from Michela Fanini), Elena Franchi (Ita) (from junior team Valcar), Riccarda Mazzotta (Swi), Michela Pavin (Ita) (from Alé Cipollini), Manuela Sonzogni (Ita)

Out: Simona Bortolotti (to Be Pink), Annalisa Cucinotta & Flavia Oliveira (to Alé Cipollini), Svetlana Stolbova (aka Bubnenkova) (retiring)



Staying: Anika Todd


Out: Jasmin Glaesser (to Optum)


Top Girls Fassa Bortolo (Ita)

Staying: Irene Bitto, Jennifer Fiori, Sara Grifi, Asja Paladin, Soraya Paladin and Chiara Pierobon (all Italian)

In: Rossella Callovi (from Forno d'Asolo), Elena Leonardi and Nicole Dal Santo (from juniors) (all Italian)

Out: Francesca Cauz (to Alé Cipollini), Silvia Cecchini (retiring), Natasha Grillo


Topsport Vlaanderen (Bel)

Staying: Evelyn Arys, Else BelmansNel De Crits, Gilke CroketNicky Degrendele, Demmy Druyts, Jessy Druyts, Kelly Druyts, Lenny Druyts, Kaat Hannes, Lotte Kopecky, Eva Maria Palm, Kelly Van den Steen, Saartje Vandenbroucke - all Belgian

In: Fien Delbaere (from juniors and Isorex), Ann-Sophie Duyck (from Autoglas Wetteren-Group Solar) and Steffy van den Haute (from De Sprinters Malderen)



UnitedHealthcare (USA)

Staying: Hannah Barnes (UK), Rushlee Buchanan (NZ), Katie Hall (USA), Cari Higgins (USA), Coryn Rivera (USA), Alexis Ryan (USA), Lauren Tamayo (USA), Scotti Wilborne (USA), Ruth Winder (USA)

In: Laura Brown (Can) (from Colavita), Abby Mickey (USA) (from Twenty16), Linda Villumsen (NZl) (from Wiggle)

Out: Mara Abbott (to Wiggle), Sharon Laws (to Bigla), Alison Powers (retiring), Jackie Crowell (still undergoing chemotherapy - our thoughts are with her)


Vaiano-Fondriest (Ita)

Staying: Serika Mitchel Guluma Ortíz (Col), Lija Laizane (Lat), Alessia Martini (Ita), Jessica Parra Rojas (Col), Miriam Romei (Ita), Katarzyna Sosna (Ltu), Ewelyna Szybiak (Pol) 

In: Marta Bastianelli (Ita) (after a year of maternity leave), Martina Biolo (Ita), Rasa Leleivyte (Ltu) (returning after 2 years EPO suspension), Allison Linnell (USA),

Out: Carlotta Brui, Sylwia Kapusta-Szydlak, Rasa Pocyte, Chiara Vannucci


Velocio-SRAM (the new name for Specialized-lululemon) (Ger)

Staying: Lisa Brennauer (Ger), Karol-Ann Canuel (Can), Tiffany Cromwell (Aus),  Elise Delzenne (Fra), Loren Rowney (Aus), Tayler Wiles (USA), Trixi Worrack (Ger)

In: Alena Amialiusik (Blr) from BePink), Barbara Guarischi (Ita) (from Alé-Cipollini) and Mieke Kröger (Ger) (from Futurumshop Zannata)

Out: Chantal Blaak & Evelyn Stevens (to Boels); Carmen Small (to focus on track), Ally Stacher (to Optum)

DS: Ronny Lauke


Wiggle Honda

Staying: Giorgia Bronzini (Ita), Emilia Fahlin (Swe), Mayuko Hagiwara (Jpn), Dani King (GBr), Amy Roberts (GBr), Anna Sanchis (Esp) - and two open spots

In: Mara Abbott (USA) (from UnitedHealthcare), Anna Christian (GBr) (from Epic Scott), Jolien D'hoore (Bel) (from Lotto-Belisol), Nettie Edmondson (Aus) (from ORICA), Chloe Hosking (Aus), Audrey Cordon-Ragot (Fra) and Elisa Longo Borghini (Ita) (from Hitec), Eileen Roe (GBr) (from Starley Primal). Plus two one more signing to be announced, and maybe the two open spots.

Out: Beatrice Bartelloni (to Alé Cipollini), Charlotte Becker (to Hitec), Elinor Barker & Laura Trott (to Matrix-Vulpine), Peta mullens (to focus on MTB), Joanna Rowsell (to UK domestic team Pearl Izumi), Linda Villumsen (to UnitedHealthcare); and roughly five two more to leave.

DS: Egon van Kessel