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Podium Cafe Rider of the Year: Recommendations Time!

Second in a two-part series, ending when you get your additional nominations in

Morne de Klerk

I know you know the drill, but just in case... I begin the nominating process, and you guys add to it. Make your case in favor of who you think people should support, if you care to. Voting starts tomorrow.

The easy ones:

  • Vincenzo Nibali: Tour winner makes the ballot.
  • Michal Kwiatkowski: World Champion makes the ballot.
  • Simon Gerrans: Three brilliant wins, almost a fourth to top them all. And when will he ever come close again?
  • Alejandro Valverde: The points have spoken -- he's World #1 (again).
  • Alberto Contador: Even with the crashes, Pistolero makes his case.
  • Alexander Kristoff: Made the leap to Sagan-lite, which is probably what most fans would prefer over the Full Sagan anyway.
OK, make your case for these or others to join the list.