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Koppenbergcross... LIVE

A race so magical all of Belgium has the day off for it. Even it weren't a Saturday today.

All you need to know is here.

The men's race starts at 15h CET, and Sporza is opening up their livestream for the whole world. So for you, too! Go to and knock yourself out. The weather is downright summery over here, with a balmy 20°C and ample sunshine. Sven Nys will hate that.

ps - since 1 November, All Saints Day, is a day one typically spends with family over here, I'll be watching this from the comfort of my grandma's living room. She's a Nys girl, so I'm thinking fandom is genetic. If all goes well, there will be pie and beer. Enjoy the race, and I'll see you all tomorrow for Zonhoven madness!