Techs-Mechs: Showers Pass Baselayers

Coming soon to a blog post near you... it's high-end baselayers for the Northwesterly inclined, or for people with similar winters, which is at least the UK and the rest of the west coast. And the South. And so on.

Showers Pass is a Portland, Oregon based company making the rain gear of choice for us PNWers. It's on the high, high end of the quality scale. Not cheap, but after a couple hundred days of rain you tend to appreciate the difference. Well, they've moved on to making baselayers.



The kicker is that they're designed to go especially well with the venting system in their jackets:

The Showers Pass design team dedicated months to refining the fiber content of its Body-Mapped Baselayer to achieve a mix that weaves the softness of Modal, the form-fitting and stretchable fit of Spandex, the strength and durability of Nylon with the warmth and odor resistance of Merino Wool. Each component of this custom blend material is proportioned to achieve optimal performance in aerobic outdoor activities.

The Showers Pass Body-Mapped Baselayer is designed to correspond with the ventilation system in the company’s best-selling jacket line. The Baselayer features a body-mapped knit pattern designed to vent out excess heat in the areas where you tend to sweat the most – an important design point for the active users who are fans of the brand’s outerwear. Multiple knit patterns are used to achieve the body-mapping without adding additional seams; the torso is seamless to minimize chafing.

Don't have one of their jackets? $69 for a quality baselayer that breathes well is still worth considering. I'll check back in later when I've taken it for a test drive.