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The FSA Directeur Sportif Suggestion Box

2015 will be the tenth year of the Podiumcafe's fantasy* cycling game, the VDS, Virtual Directeur Sportif (or the FSA DS as it's known in it's current form). Every year we try and tweak it just a little to make the game more fun and challenging. Right now we are busy plotting and scheming next years edition and this is where you guys come in......

The VDS braintrust on the Muur
The VDS braintrust on the Muur

Right now is the time for all of you who have been thinking of what changes would improve the game to make your suggestions. What races should we be including, which should we cut? What rules could we add, change or remove to improve the game? What could we do to get more people to play both the men's and the women's game?  Stuff like that, or just generally any thoughts and ideas you have on the game, rule-wise or tech-wise. The calendar for instance is of course an area where input is most welcome, our goal has always been to have a calendar that reflects what races the fan-community values, not necessarily rated the same way the UCI does.

So now is the time to throw all your suggestions on the table because now is when we can actually do something about it, come midseason and it's too late no matter how great an idea. There is some stuff we have discussed in threads during the year and we have a lot of those on a list somewhere but please remind us anyway in case we totally ignored and/or forgot the stuff you remember. Of course this is all just suggestions. It's great if we can get a lot of them and have some back and forth about the pros and cons in the comments. In the end though, not all of it is going to happen it has to be said. As the game has been on for a long time we're pretty happy with how it works for the most part so we don't want to make too many wild changes. So don't be too sad if Santa doesn't bring every pony on the wishlist. There's nothing wrong with asking for the pony though, you never know!

And with that we welcome with all your suggestions and all your opinions on the proposals in the comments:

*Please note that I only use the word "fantasy game" as a special gift to our fearless leader Chris today as this has always been his "favorite" way to describe the VDS .