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Flandriencross... LIVE

A cyclocross race with Flandrien in the title, and I have to work. Life is cruel.

Tommeke has great painface.
Tommeke has great painface.
Balint Hamvas

30 November - Hamme-Zogge (bpost)

And the newness continues! I know you think you know this one, but the race is no longer Superprestige but bpost, and it's no longer in Zogge but in Hamme, and Greg Van Avermaet is now head of the race committee. It's new name is the Flandriencross, which promises great things. It's a woodland race with natural obstacles these days. There's a video on their website with Sven Nys testing the race track - apparently if you wanna test a race you've got to have a Nys do it, which doesn't sound like a bad rule - but it's since been changed. The organisation wanted to have the peloton cross the infamous Mira-bridge, but that plan has been nixed. Still, the video gives a good impression of what the new Hamme-Zogge, more Hamme, less Zogge, will be like.

Map and video (just watch the first bit, after a while they start yammering about parking lots and so on)

Rating: ❤❤❤
(I know we've just met, but it feels like I've known you all my life)