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GP Rouwmoer Essen... LIVE

We're in Stybs' hometown today, but Stybs himself sadly isn't racing. The other bigs are all here though, except for KVT and Mathieu. Tom Meeusen and Bart Aernouts also call Essen home.

A picture from Hasselt - I call that 'home'.
A picture from Hasselt - I call that 'home'.
Balint Hamvas

20 December - GP Rouwmoer Essen (bpost)

It's called GP Rouwmoer, but they should really consider changing that name to GP Zdenek Stybar. If Nys can have his own race, then why can't Stybs? He lives in Essen with his - I'm sorry Albertina - wife. Tom Meeusen and Bart Aernouts also live in Essen, but neither have a rainbow jersey, so Stybar gets dibs on the racename for now (even though it isn't known yet if he'll shown up for this race). The funnest bits of GP Rouwmoer are swooping turns in the forest, and then that one corner where they have steps right at the end of a U-turn. Cruel. Lovely.

Technically this links to a map, but if you want info you really shouldn't click it.

Rating: ❤❤❤