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u23 men's CX Worlds 2014 - LIVE!

Day 2 of the 2014 Cyclocross World Champsionships in Hoogerheide, and we start with the u23 men - and if you miss the race live, you can watch it again on the video

Sunday 2nd February 11:00 CET

(10am UK, 5am USA EST, 9pm Aus AEDT)

To find out who are the riders to watch, check out gsgirl's run-down - and if you want more information, there's the startlist and course profile on the race website.

The video link at the top of the post is in English and will be the archive after the race - or you can watch in Dutch on Omroep Brabant - or there are streams to the Flemish commentary in the three usual places. (look for the word "beloften if you don't see u23)

While the race is going on, you can find a ton of information on Sporza's beloften Match Center - and of course of course of course we'll be talking about the race in the comments - ask any questions, we love talking about cyclocross! Ah, cyclocross.... No rain so far, but here's hoping!