FSA DS For Dummies: Last week Ramblings.

FSA DS my fave thing about PdC. Team formation time, my favourite thing about FSA DS. It is almost done for another year. As we approach the time when all will be decided, those of us with decisions still to make, well we suck. Or maybe we rock, I don't know. What I do know is that Peter Sagan is driving me crazy.

To Sagan or Not to Sagan? That is the question.

Really? Is that what this will all come down to? I mean I can't barely make myself care enough to get all riled up about it. For once I am upset at Ursula for making a rider too cheap! If Sagan were appropriately priced I would once again not think about having him on my team. Every year I have thought about him except the first I didn't pull the trigger since he was too expensive. Every year he has been cheap. Now he is cheap and I don't want him because he costs too much. Sure Sagan has room to grow. Unlike Phil Gil at the top of his expensiveness, Sagan still has room to grow. I mean there are big races that he participated in and didn't win. My big problem with Sagan (other that the 40 pt price) is that he did so well in so many races, never missing a break, always in the right part of the peleton, no unfortunate mechanicals. Adding in just a bit of Fuzzy to his season could cost him 5-800 points. 3000 point Peter would still be a good buy! Why is he so cheap! How many other riders can get %20 worse and still be value! ARRRGGGHHH!

My problem is this. When I put Peter on my team, I don't like my team. Why not? I like 2 pointers! When I put Peter on my team, along with any other restricted riders, and the mid pointers I want. I get like 15 one pointers. Since Ursula got more conservative with the pricing, well I like maybe 3-5 one pointers but I love like 10 two pointers. Taking Peter means that I wind up with teams with too many riders I don't believe in. I am barely even torn, I mean when I build non-Sagan teams, I love them. Sagan teams I am totally meh about. Here I am wanting to win the whole comp, fully believing that Sagan is an almost necessary component in that, and I just can't make myself care.

Sagan ends up in the bin. I can't put a finger on it, but that's that. No Sagan for me. I am content. Perhaps I will end up bottom of the table. I doubt it, this years team should be better than last years. I will love my team, and that I think will give me more pleasure that having Sagan.

The Little Prince

My assumption that the Little Prince would be number one pick was based on people having lots of 2 pointers to pick. If Sagan gets picked a lot, that may limit the number of people having sufficient two point slots left to fit in the little prince. We shall see if he is numero uno or not.

FSA DS: Time to let the little birds fly

As we come to the submission deadline, we must all let our little birds leave the nest. Some of us reluctant to let go will continue to hold on until the last possible moment. Others have cruelly thrown their nestlings to the wild heedless of the risk. Soon all the birds will be flying free, we will no longer be able to control the little beasties and the roads of Flanders, France, Spain, and Italy will hold the keys to all their futures. Some of us will watch our teams tumble to complete oblivion, while others will watch their babies soar to the skies. Ahhhh, FSA DS you cruel mistress. Soon the indecision will be done for another year. Almost time to start looking forward to 2015!

Thank you PdC

I don't say this enough. Thank you, to all of you who share my passion. Chris, Jens, and Douglas for your tireless contributions. Super Ted for the FSA DS site. Ursula et al for the FSA DS rules and pricing and Schedule. Every one of you who in some small or large way increase my enjoyment of the sport, and enrich my days.

Thank you so very much.

May this road season be safe for all the riders. This season has had tragedy enough. May the racing be safe and swift. Safety and God speed to all the cyclists on the road.

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