FSA DS 2014 Women: Show me your cards!

So deadline has passed and the season is now officially underway as today is Omloop day! With a record breaking number of entries (over 300!) I am really curious who you all picked and why. Expectations, future revalations, favorites and those riders you don't like but picked anyway because they are good. But also already regretting things when you saw other teams. Tell it all here!

Let me start out by showing my team Pietje Pelle op zijn Gazelle.

Anna van der Breggen 35p: I couldn't do it, leaving my favorite rider out and certainly after some people convinced me she would not be playing Vos' pet and get more chances to win. At least she got room for improvement with all those 4th places last year(s)

Elisa Longo Borghini 35p: Broken leg in the Italian Nationals left here with 1700 points but she missed half the season so she will be worth it. Also she rides for my favorite team so win-win.

Kirsten Wild 25p: Broken shoulder missed out on the China races so 500 points extra right there plus some extra races she will get those 2500p

Katarzyna Pawlowska 12p: Trackie who sprinted the heck out of everybody. This year she will be riding for the big BoelsDolmans team so better races more points. I hope.

Amy Pieters 10p: "The second Anna" Amy is very talented and popped up in 2013 ever more often over the year. Started her season well on the track and in Qatar. Makes a good duo with Kirsten.

Amy Cure 6p: Another trackie did good in the smaller race for her national team and now rides for Lotto. Can she make a stand with a more competitive starting list? I think so.

Jolien D'Hoore: Guess what another track rider. Finished her school last year and took more than 2 months to do it. 2 more months to sprint the heck out of all those Belgian races.

Alison Powers 6p: Will rule the American circuit, period.

Olga Zabelinskaya 2p: As long as she has a good babysitter this pick can't go bad. Already won a TT in Costa Rica with more than a minute advantage over the rest of the field.

Charlotte Becker 2p: Left Argos mid season, still don't know why but she didn't seem happy. Rochelle took her on a luxery team building vacation so she must be happy now. Threw my personal dislike towards Wiggle overboard for her.

Hannah Barnes 2p: British Crit Champ will pick Alisons left overs in the American circuit. Also expect her in the Womens Tour.

Elena Cecchini 2p, Elena Kuchinskaya 1p, Thalita de Jong 1p & Jessie Daams 1p bargains for the points they got last year.

I also made a shadow team with Emma J&P and Villumsen but that one will remain on my excel sheet until late september and then I will all tell you I still had the best team if only...

Now you! Do you think your team is better? Explain!