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Boels Rental Ronde van Drenthe LIVE

Hoogeveen - Hoogeveen 146.6 km

The women's World Cup kicks off in the Netherlands in classic dutch conditions, windy and miserable, just the way we like it. The Ronde van Drenthe is a mainly flat race with three decisive passages over the short but steep VAM-berg. Beyond that the main obstacle today will be the strong winds that will make the race even harder than normal

We will have some kind of video from 14:00 CET. Whether they will show live or delayed images remains to be seen. If the images are delayed we may split this thread and open an "as-live" thread for those who want to chat about the race-images without spoilers. Word is it will be live but don't kill me if it isn't.


Marianne Vos Stand-in of the Day: Ellen van Dijk

Van Dijk skipped the warmup race on Thursday but will be perfect if the conditions are as gnarly as it sounds. Power, power,power and a bit of a sprint kick at the finish.

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