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Live Thread Etiquette: a Quick Reminder!

I couldn't find one of Verbruggen
I couldn't find one of Verbruggen
Harold Cunningham

Hey all -- please note, one of our most important unwritten (though often typed) rule is no doping chat in the live thread. Doping is a sensitive subject, and Alberto Contador, currently leading Tirreno-Adriatico, is one of a handful of special lightning rods currently on a bike. He's no Lance, but there's still time. So now is a good time for reminders.

The reason behind the rule is simple: Live threads can't be enjoyable if people want to talk doping. It's a free country, this internet, but just as you might feel free to say what's on your mind, other people want to feel free not to have to constantly confront that subject. We are all 100% aware of the subject generally and w.r.t certain guys in particular. For many people, they choose to confront the subject of doping selectively. For others (e.g. the Editors), the subject is one to be taken carefully, minus unfounded accusations. Want to talk about it? Write a fanpost on doping. Say whatever you want. Me, I post on it when needed, when something new has to be said. That's certainly allowed, and there will always be a corner of the Cafe where you can discuss this subject, until it is magically eradicated from cycling. [Presumably by some world-wide catastrophe that destroys all the roads.]

Until then, please: NO DOPING TALK IN THE LIVE THREADS!! Thank you. With love, -The Editors.