FSA DS for Dummies: Some done Lots to go...How are you feeling about your team?

Ahhhhhhh.... I can breathe. Some awesome Classics racing done. A couple of Major early season stage races done. The best month in cycling (well April=May>July) is coming up. If a guy who costs more than 6 points on your team hasn't raced yet you have a problem. So I figured that now was a good time to take a look through the old team and see how we're doing. Traditional letter grades given for performance to date or good indicators of future points potential.

John Degenkolb: B

He looks good he looks fast. If he can pound it out over the cobbles this could be a return to form year. A group of seconds to the likes of Nacer make me worried about his abilities to mop up against the B's this year.

Mikal Kwiatkowski: A-

Wins at Strade Bianche in impressive fashion over impressive competition. Sticks his nose out front of TA and then implodes on the first serious climb of the season. Oh well at 23 we can't always have our cake and eat it too. He looks good to continue on through the season gobbling up points and being all around fantastic. Loving cheering for him.

Perhaps by years end I will regret dumping Fat and Slow for the Flower Power but right now I just can't be anything but happy.

Alberto Contador: A+

When you buy a cheap (relatively) Past and Ex-Tour winner coming back from a "vacation", this is what you want. When watching a super annoying pistolero salute at least I can say "He's on my team" and "Thanks for the points you #$%@". The Accountant back at his best and on my team for 16 measly points looks like a bargain. Keep it up Clenbutador.

Taylor Phinney: B

Mini-Phinney looks impressive. This could be the year that he makes his potential turn into reality. If we keep seeing him on the front of Cobbled races this will be lots of fun! Mostly glad I put him on the roster. Hoping to see more impressiveness out of the young stud!

Duran Duran: C

Woking for the flower (we hope) he showed a lot of "Grinta" and "Going Backwards when one should be Going Forwards". Here's hoping that he's just building form for future awesomeness! Hoping to see that lovely mullet at the front of affairs come the Ardennes and Giro! Right now 8 points and some worrying riding.

I believe that he will be awesome come May, and I want him to show some fantasticness at the Giro so come on Duran Duran give me more than hope!

Sep Vanmarke:A

Looking Ominous is Mister September! The feisty aggression shown on opening weekend bodes well for the coming Flemish Cycling Week! Looking forward to the season he has hinted at becoming a reality. Clobber the Cobbles and make me proud Mr. September!

Wilco Kelderman:C

Looking good"Going Forward" in Paris Nice. But also looking not so good "Going Backward while others Go Forward past you". Hoping that he can get his shit together for the Giro and have more "Going Forward" and less "Going Backward".

Simon Gerrans: F Ryder Hesjedal: F

Lots of time to make this up but, invisibility for 16 combined points is Failure land. Come on guys pick it up.

Robert Kiserlovski: D

Finishing below your Columbian Domestique in the GC is a "Bad Sign" just ask Piti. Get your crap together and make your self worth picking already!

Francesco Bongiorno: D+

You were active and all over the front of Roma Maxima but then you "Went Backwards while other Went Forwards" and ended up with no points. Plenty of opportunity for you to get your bright green kit over the line where you actually get some points so get on with it!

Damiano Cunego:A

Already better than last year! keep it up and score even more points you little enigma you!

Danny Van Poppel and Juan Jose Lobatto: B

2 pointers already making points! You guys may not be Moreno Hoffland or anything but come on and keep those little nuggets rolling in!

Every one else C D of F depending on my expectations but come on guys we don't like doghnuts!