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Women's cycling video and news round-up, 25th March

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We've had all kinds of news and videos from women's cycling in the last week or so - so here's a random round-up, with videos, blogs, articles and all kinds of things - and of course, add things you've seen into the comments.

Let's start with the most recent racing...

GP Comune di Cornaredo

UPDATE! Video of the race from Wiggle Honda's perspective

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Race report on Tiffany Cromwell's website - Results on CyclingFever


Cholet Pays de Loire

No video yet, but Emma Johansson won, for the second year in a row.  She was racing with the Swedish National Team, but still has a race report on the ORICA-AIS website, and there's a race report from Hitec too.  Full results on the race website.


Delray Beach Twilight

The first round of the USA Crits, the Delray Beach Twilight, was livestreamed, and you can watch the full race video - the women start around 2:30:00 - or just the women's highlights

All the rounds will be livestreamed as they happen - check out the schedule on the USA Crits site, and follow their twitter and youtube.


The state of women's cycling

This week has seen the first meeting of the UCI women's cycling commission - and you can read about who's there on the UCI website.  Marianne Vos will be there, and she asked fans on twitter if we had any ideas, and tells us she'll update us when the Commission is over.  If you're wondering what else she's up to while she's not riding, here are some tweets...


Nicole Cooke may not be cycling any more, but she's still fighting the good fight.  Here she is, on BBC Sport, talking about how the BBC should be showing more women's sport (and it's one of those lovely things about the BBC that they publish critical pieces like this).  The video may be geo-restricted.

In other BBC news, people have been asking about the streaming of the Road World Cup that the UCI announced would be on the BBC.  John Cyclopunk asked BBC Sport why it's not being scheduled, and here's the answer, on Neutral Service - basically the quality of the footage wasn't good enough to show on their tv.  (I should point out, the UCI's press release seems to have raised all kinds of expectations - I've blogged about that here)


On Sunday there was a great piece about women's cycling in UK newspaper the Independent - The rise of the female cyclist: From the medal-winning track-speedsters to school-run mums.  It's got a lovely gallery of photos of all kinds of women riders, taken at the Herne Hill velodrome in London.


It was great to see that United Healthcare's DS Rachel Heal is working with the men's team, too.  Heal is a former cyclist who has run women's teams for years, and it's good to see the team is using her experience.


I am always so impressed with Gillian Carleton being so open about her mental health issues.  Here's a piece on how talking about her depression helped her.

And raising conversations about mental health is Clara Hughes, who's currently on a huge 12,000km ride across Canada, with community events at all the stops.  Follow her journey on the Clara's Big Ride website, including how you can get involved, and follow her journey on her twitter.  I am in awe of her, as ever.



Valentina Scandolara is enjoying her time with ORICA-AIS


The Women's Tour has a video out for sponsors.  Know any companies that might be interested?  Send it to them!


Matrix-Vulpine report from their team camp in Limoux.


Watch Evie Stevens' technique on how to tell if an egg's boiled or raw - and she and Ally Stacher eat breakfast tacos


This was poignant - Marijn de Vries writing on Rouleur's website about attending the Ronde van Drenthe as a spectator, when she should have been racing. Well-written, as always ***

This was part of the 26-minute UCI Ronde van Drenthe video, but it's good enough to show by itself - a profile of Rabo-Liv's Iris Slappendel, on combining cycling with design, and winning the competition to design the UCI Road World Cup jerseys


Trailer for the first round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, with on-bike footage.  if you're in or near Manchester on 18th-19th April, go to this, it's all adrenaline!

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup 2014 Preview (via British Cycling)


Isn't that great?  Let's talk about it all in the comments - and if you've seen anything you want to share, add it there too!