FSA-VDS Woes. Come cry with me.

First thing to put on the table, if you created a boring team with Sagan on it, we don't want to hear about how one of your other choices isn't performing up to par. Also, all of your choices may not receive sympathy here, you may actually get something more resembling jeering for less than wise picks. But there are many picks out there that have been hit with the unforeseen like sickness and injury. And in some of these cases lots of things you thought you going to happen for a rider suddenly change drastically.

In the case of Richie Porte, who has been hit by sickness and forced to abandon TWO stage races already this year in his preparation for the leadership role at the Giro, now there is speculation that he might have to skip the Giro. Where does that lead to?... back to a domestique role at the TdF for Froome again? This is my biggest source of VDS pain right now. The hope was to have had a minimum of 300 points from Porte by now and he is currently a 22 point cost donut. Woe is me.

Then I chose Sylvain Chavanel as my 20 pointer and my biggest hope of keeping me in touch through the cobbles season and other spring races other than the stage races. This is going rather disappointingly for the usually solid Chava, especially given that hopes where even a little higher since he has leadership now at IAM.

My only other concern is the early performance of Rigoberto Uran. Not a huge investment at 12 points, but his underperformance so far this season is of deep concern. But at least here I still have time to hope. Ah, hope...

"He that lives upon hope will die fasting." Ben Franklin

So go ahead and dump your sorrows, you'll more than likely be met by the usual consoling support of the PdC crowd, or... some other variation of "concern".