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LIVE!!! Winston-Salem Classic & Crits - women's and men's races

Friday 18th April - women's UCI race, men's NRS race and Saturday 19th, USA Crits Round 4

It's LIVE!!! USA racing, and yeah, I'm excited about the women's race, but there's also a men's race too - and on Saturday there's another round of the USA Crits series, which is a LOT of fun.

I wrote about these races already - go and read - but here are the timings:

  • Women's road race Live stream on Friday - race from 9:30am USA EST (6:30am USA PST; 2:30pm UK BST; 15:30 Euro CEST; 11:30pm Aus AET)
  • Men's road race on the same stream from 1pm EST (10am USA PST; 6pm UK BST; 19:00 Euro CEST; 3am Saturday Aus AET)
  • Women's Crit Live stream on Saturday - race from 4:45pm USA EST (1:45pm USA PDT; 9:45pm UK BST; 22:45 Europe CEST; 6:30am Sunday Aus AET)
  • Men's crit in the same stream from 6pm EST (3pm USA EST; 11pm UK BST, 00:00 Euro CEST & 8am Sunday Aus AET)

Race twitter, hashtag for live twitter updates, race website

Startlists: Road Race - women - can't find a men's one, so if you see one, add it to the comments!