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Today in Ronde Van Vlaanderen: Riders, Riders Everywhere! And Your Pick Poll

AFP/Getty Images

In my time of watching the Tour of Flanders, it's gone from a race where the media treated it like any other big race to an event. I'm not sure it feels any different in Belguim, where newspaper pullout sections and people on bikes all over the course are probably more of a many-decades-old phenomenon than anything new. The only real difference is that now, in places like the wilds of North America, you can log on to the internet and find out that it's some sort of international spiritual biking holiday in Flanders.

A few snapshots from the Koppenberg today...

Bearded guy!


I love Bearded Guy. But I'm biased. Also, is that a car driving down the Koppenberg? Niiice...


Road furniture alert!


My entry for the caption contest: "I didn't know Jens had a full Tinkoff kit." Jens is chairing the Kortrijk Desk all week, while JSallee runs to the store for more beer. Last one...


[All Koppenberg photos from Fotoreporter Sirotti]

It looks so harmless from a distance. I am sticking to my guns about the Koppenberg being where the action is at, for once. Though I note, with glee, that I've seen some pictures of the Paterberg with fencing in the gutter. No cheap way up that beast Sunday. OK, who ya got? Pick to win in the poll, FSA DS in comments. [Looking for candidates? Go here.]