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Last Reminder: Submit Your Guess the Jerseys Entry NOW!

Remember the contest we mentioned last month? Where, in partnership with we have made it so you can win a replica Giro d'Italia jersey by guessing the wearer at the right time? Yes? No? Well go here and get caught up. Or if you're ready to act, submit your form here.

As for what's coming right up...

  • This Saturday, May 17, is our first jersey giveaway! After the day's stage, we will judge the winner of the maglia rossa passione contest winner. Whoever guessed the points leader as of that day gets a shot at the win. Remember, submit your entry not just with a name, but take a stab at how many points he'll have, or who will be second and third, or something to make your entry stand out in the (high) likelihood of several qualified entries.
  • Tuesday, May 20, is the last day you can submit an entry for any of the jersey contests. So you can sit on your submission til then, as long as you have no interest in a points jersey. Or you can hop to it now and preserve your chance at all four jerseys.
Questions? Comments? If no, go enter!