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ProCycleGear and PdC Giro Jersey Giveaway: Our First Winner Emerges!

Fotoreporter Sirotti

Congratulations to user Cannonjim! He took home the first of our four Giro d'Italia replica jerseys, courtesy of, after correctly choosing Nacer Bouhanni as the holder of the Maglia Rosso Passione.

A little backstory to the judging. Remember, I advised people to include whatever details they could with their entry to help them win a tiebreaker. There were several entries for Bouhanni, but only one of them came with any detailed information -- an entry submitted four days ago for the contest that ended two days ago. OK, that person predicted a point total that implied Bouhanni was about to win a stage, but otherwise missed on other predictions. I was left choosing between an entry submitted after Marcel Kittel had gone home and one from the pile submitted before the Giro began. I chose the latter, when Bouhanni was a decided underdog to be in the position he is in today. And from those, Cannonjim got his pick in first. Winnar! Here is a picture of Cannonjim in his new jersey:


REMEMBER! Tomorrow is your last chance to get your entry in. There are still three jerseys left to be won, and all of them are pretty up in the air. Go here for details or go straight to the entry form to get in on the fun.