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Giro d'Italia Stage 10 LIVE


Modena - Salsomaggiore Terne 173 km

Probably as flat as you can make 173 km in Italy. Bring on some fresh sprinters.

Amy's wine tip for the day: Cordani Terzolo 2011

Obscure grape alert. Some info on Ortrugo from the Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna:

Ortrugo is probably one among the many grapes already grown in the Piacenza area in the pre-Christian era, and one among the few we still know. First the hard frost in the four Piacenza valleys and then the American diseases decimated many vine varieties: Ortrugo is one of the survivors. It is an early white grape, with long and compact greenish-yellow bunches. Particularly suited for semi-sparkling and sparkling wines, Ortugo today is also made in the still version, particularly appreciated abroad.

Frizzante! Looks like cider and there are indeed some apple notes. Refreshing but not simple.

Il Big del Giorno: Elia Viviani

Cannondale need to start getting some results out of the good work they've done in the finales. Elia has too much quality right now not to walk away with a stagewin somewhere.

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