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Giro d'Italia Stage 11 LIVE


Collecchio - Savona 249 km

Intriguing stage with a downhill run into the finish. Big question, will the bigs want to stay rested for tomorrows TT and let the breakaway take the stage? In the finale there's the Naso di Gatto climb that has a very serious 7.5 kms at 8% average before the descent into Savona. That is a serious opportunity.

Amy's wine tip for the day: More sparkling: Donati Camillo Malvasia dell'Emilia

Bubbly and orange and cloudy and kind of weird. But also am lot of fun. The importer says "These are very delicate and natural wines that have immense glugability and unique character. They are meant to be drunk simply as you would a refreshing beer or cider at cold temperature (even the red) with simple foods. They go particularly well with cold cuts, prosciutto and dry sausages and gnocco – fried squares of dough – that are traditional in Parma."

Il Big del Giorno:Julián Arredondo

If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again. Expect Arredondo to get in the breakaway and be the strongest on the final climb. Mind you, half the peloton will be trying to get in that break so it's a crapshoot who makes it.

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