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Giro d'Italia Stage 13 LIVE


Fossano - Rivarolo Canavese 157 km

Sprinters last hurrah before the mountains take over.

Amy's wine tip for the day: Castello di Neive Barbaresco 2010

Why yes, a Barbaresco, that I perhaps should have had yesterday, but they are still in the area. Castello di Neive, meaning "Castle of Neive", is a magnificent 18th century castle. The estate comprises 150 acres, all in the Neive town council, about 4.3 kilometers in the gently rolling hills west of Barbaresco. Recently released photographs from the winery’s library show that, as early as 1904, Pinot Nero was being bottled at the castle, and that by 1925 Nebbiolo was recognized as a fine wine grape with varietal labeling.

In the glass: Cherries, spice, some herbs and flowers. Medium bodied, with some good acidity.

Il Big del Giorno: Luka Mezgec

I have a feeling Giant will be getting this one right. Bouhanni's days are over.

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