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USA National Champs - men's Road Race, live!

We've seen Alison Powers win the women's USA National Cycling Championships - now it's time for the men. But before you do anything else, you have to read Ant1's preview of the race, with Optum rider Maura Kinsella....

Finished that?  Good!  Here are the details you need.

Men's Road Race: 1:30pm EST (10:30am PST; 6:30pm BST; 19:30 CEST, 3:30am AEST)


Where to watch

The races are streamed live on Tour Tracker - and there's a ton of information up about the races already, including maps and rider numbers and so on.  Anyone not in the USA - we can convert everything there to kilometres!

A word about the stream - for the women's race, it broke up a lot, and was a bit messy during the wooded sections of the "long loop" - but it came back whenever we came back into Chattanooga, and once we were on the 3 finishing laps, it was all fine again.  So it's frustrating, but the text updates were still coming through, and audio was ok, so if it happens again for the men, it should be ok for the finale.

The Course

It's a sort-of lap race - they start with 4 laps of 5.1 miles, before heading out to do 4 laps of the 16.5 mile "long loop" with a climb, ending with 3 laps of the 5.4 mile finishing circuit, including one of the climbs from the long lap, "The Wall".  Here's the course map, the explanation in more detail, and the profile:



Follow online

If you can't watch live, follow along with the Tour Tracker app and through twitter - follow the USPro hashtagDan Wuori and USA Cycling, and of course our very own Ant1.


The comments are the place to chat, add interesting things you see, and enjoy live racing