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Two More Prizes Go Out in ProCycleGear Giro Jersey Giveaway!

Fotoreporter Sirotti

Y'all remember how I told you it was important to get creative in submitting your entries in the Podium Cafe / Giro Jersey Giveaway? Well now you can see what we meant. There were two qualified entries in the giveaway of the maglia azzurra, one with the name Julian Arredondo, and one with this:

  • May 17 - Red Points Sprinter Jersey - Nacer Bouhanni (Fra) - 166 points - Cause he rocks like Gwen Stefani.
  • May 23 - White Young Rider Jersey - Rafal Majka - Cause he's definitely no fajka.
  • May 28- Blue King of the Mountains Jersey - Julian Arredondo - Cause it's as easy as a Grand Fondo.
  • June 1 - Pink Leaders Jersey - Nairo Quintana - Cause he's a little Piranha.

That was member Thorolf, and is it poetry? Nope, but it separates from the (very thin) pack. Congrats Thorolf! Also, well done to Uphill, who picked Rafal Majka to hold the Maglia Bianca on May 23. As you can see from the above, so did some others, but Uphill made his call a full month before, when Majka was nowhere near the obvious choice. Chapeau! Here's what he had to say for himself.

So a dodgy old bastard in a white jersey from ProCycleGear hammering the hills? Yes, thats the reality once I get my hands on the jersey I just won. Thanks for the excellent competition.

Well said. Sunday the final jersey, the maglia rosa, is given out. Am guessing there will be a lot of qualified entries. Stay tuned!